CRE Technology

CRE TECHNOLOGY is a lead expert in the design, production and supply of standard products and dedicated solutions for:

  1. Manual & Auto start
  2. Auto transfer switch
  3. Auto mains failure
  4. Alarm annunciator

  • Paralleling: CRE provides unique all-in-one solutions ensuring a trouble-free operation on challenging topics such as Synchronisation, Load Sharing, Mains Paralleling and Tie Breaker Management

  • Marine-specific control & paralleling units CRE has developed the state of the art “GENSYS” series to support your vessel’s generators, offering all-in-one control and paralleling units followed with a stylish and easy to use remote display mode.

  • Battery chargers: CRE TECHNOLOGY's wide range of battery chargers are designed to supply constant voltage to the battery with a permanent connection and a maximum of
    efficiency. Available on both single and 3-phase applications, these heavy duty and reliable chargers can come also with extra features like diode integration, safety relay and boost mode.

  • Hybrid Controllers: CRE has also introduced bespoke products for vessels that are entering the hybrid and emission-free era. Their unique All-in-one PV/wind and All-in-one Batteries inverter control, offer flexibility and time saving thanks to its simple wiring and easy programming.

  • i4Gen: The i4Gen range is a user interface made by CRE TECHNOLOGY to offer users a complete monitoring of the CRE controllers, available in 7”, 10” and 15” sizes. The unit hardware is a multi-touch screen color display developed for harsh environments and industrial areas, providing access to supervision, settings and control of controllers. With this advanced touch screen panel, it is possible to manage remote control and monitoring, through internet access (Wifi – LAN connection), with Zoho Assist platform, and to use e-mail services, for alarms/faults management.

We, ENEQ, are a distributor of CRE products and services in Greece, having gained a valuable experience on various applications on board.

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