WEBASTO offers a great variety of A/C products for your vessel’s needs, either self-contained air-conditioning systems or up to large chiller systems.

Carrying over a century of engineering excellence, Webasto is able to provide a 

wide power range of cooling capacities from 5,000 BTU/h up to 1,500,000 BTU/h.

You can now enjoy the amazing greek summer sailing experience, while Webasto keeps you cool below deck whenever you need a refreshment. 

Products and solutions Webasto is offering for your vessel:

  1. BlueCool S-Series - self-contained cooling units
  2. BlueCool C-Series - Chiller air-conditioning solutions
  3. BlueCool V-Series - Variable speed chiller air-conditioning system
  4. BlueCool MyTouch display
  5. BlueComfort Premium - Clever heating and air-conditioning comfort.
  6. BlueCool V-PRO Series - new variable speed chiller system - MODULAR
  7. BlueCool A-Series – Air Handlers for chiller A/C systems
  8. BlueCool F-Series Fresh Air
  9. BlueCool - F-series - Extract

 We, ENEQ are an authorized dealer of Webasto products in Greece and have great experience in the installation of Webasto A/C units on various types of vessels, focusing on:

  • Choosing the right units for your vessel’s needs
  • the comfort of the client and
  • the most stylish outcome.

Should you need to learn more about Webasto products, looking for maintenance or OEM parts, feel free to get in touch!

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